Wedding Guide & What to expect


Just a little guide on what I do, what you’ll get and how I do this thing!


My style is very photo-journalistic/Candid (capture moments as they happen) I make sure everyone is comfortable and will be there to guide you all the way! “what do I do with my hands?!” Is a question asked every single time I shoot, not to worry you are in good hands, I will tell you exactly where to put them!

• Ill show up 2 hours prior to the ceremony for getting ready images, It doesn’t take me very long to nail this! I’m a pro, lol. Usually Ill start at the guys, then when I’ve got what I need Ill head to the girls!

• I stay to the end of the first dance, unless the dance floor is happening, then Ill stay to capture all the action and drunk people having fun, haha!

Getting your gifts!

• you will receive a minimum of 350 images with light creative edits to each one, roughly 10-20 of those images will be heavy edits through lightroom and photoshop.

• 15 creative edited images from your engagement/after wedding shoot.

• You’ll get a personal website with all of your digital images! Where you can download, share, purchase prints! So easy to use and looks really good.

• Once you pick your favorite images, I will take those favorites and send you your personal app! You and whoever wants will be able to access them at anytime! Infinite amount of apps to give out.

• You will also receive a “Nature Frame” - Details on that link!

Next step!

• Time to pick a date for your engagement or after wedding session!

• Large Wedding Package - $3800

• MINI Wedding Package - $3300

(ceremony + formal portraits)