“Spirit Healers” Guide

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Just a little guide

  • What to Wear?

  • What Do I Bring?

  • Makeup & Your Face!

  • Will you be giving guidance?

  • Where will we go?

What to wear?

This question will change for every shoot I do, inspiration is constantly changing as it does and the way I see things and colors will change as well! But, what to wear will all depend on you and who you are as a healer. I strongly recommend picking the outfits yourself and choosing your personal favorite colors to fit your soul. If you’d like to send me a picture of your 2 favorite outfits, I can tell you what I think of them. For the most part, I trust your judgement!

  • All items should fit perfectly, I want you to feel comfortable.

  • Try your clothing on before you come to the shoot.

  • Bring multiple articles of clothing, lots of options

  • If you see a shoot I’ve done that you like and would like to pull inpiration from, let me know and we can work with that!

  • Don’t forget JEWELRY, this adds so much more to images.

  • Hats are also a good thing, for afterwards, so you don’t mess up the hairs

Color pallets! I love using these to get ideas. If you head to https://coolors.co/ they have lots of options to choose from.

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What Do I Bring?

Bring all the props! Anything you use in ceremony and whatever you think would look good. It all helps, we don’t need to use all of them, but you never know what will look great!

  • Skulls

  • blankets

  • fur

  • candles

  • Burning Sage or Cedar

  • Crystals

  • Instruments

  • Jewelry


Makeup & Your Face

I can’t stress enough about getting your makeup professionally done, it make a world of difference and not to mention a lot easier on me, less editing, ha. So If you need a good makeup artist I know some great artists in Victoria who I can set you up with. Cost is anywhere from $80 and up, depending on what type of makeup!

If you can think of something creative to do to your face, please let me know! I love new ideas and inspirations. Adding a little extra design is always amazing to look at and strongly recommend it! Just let me know if you do.

01 Adam Ziorio Photography - Ocian Sound.jpg

Will you be giving guidance?

I am very confident in my photo game and will be giving guidance, when necessary. How it usually works is, we will just hang out and talk, get comfortable with the camera in my hand and then when I start to see something, I will take pictures, slowly. There is nothing ever rushed in the beginning, it’s best to just relax into the shoot and let whatever happens, happen. Whenever I see something I want changed, I will let you know and if I don’t, then I like what I’m seeing! I get asked “what do I do with my hands” just about every photoshoot, but not to worry! I have lots of places for you to put your hands, ha. Just remember to do your own thing, whatever feels most comfortable to you! That’s what’s important.


Where will we go?

There are endless locations all over Vancouver island, so this is never an issue. If you have any suggestions, I am all ears, I love new locations. But, we can chat about what you are looking for and go from there! Places that could look excellent:

  • Lakes

  • Beach/Ocian

  • Mountain peaks

  • Anywhere to build a fire (I love building fires, if you want one)

  • Glaciers

  • Boat rides to little islands

  • Rainforest (Oldgrowth forest)

These are just some suggestions on where we could go for amazing images, remember we can only hit up so many locations though, so we must choose wisely.

Adam Ziorio Photography (Spray Lakes).jpg

I think that’s about it! If you have any other questions at all, please let me know, I am always available to you! If I’m around to answer of course.